About Us

The name Back of the Spoon is an homage to my Grandmother who would always tell us to stir with the back of the spoon when boiling the perogies so we wouldn’t tear the dough. The Mushroom Dill idea came from mixing together a few of my grandmas  Ukrainian recipes. They were always touching on the plate, so I decided to combine them and create a Mushroom Dill Perogie casserole.

Back of the Spoon officially started in 2017.  I had been making perogie casseroles whenever we would host parties and then making them for other friends and events. I was always surprised when they were the star of the party. Word quickly spread and people started to ask if they could buy them.  As my concept began to grow, I decided to make it official and start to cook out of a certified commercial kitchen. 

Our official public launch was at the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market and was met with great success. The rest is history.

I have always had a passion for cooking and hosting parties.  Having venues to sell my casseroles and perogies, has allowed me to help others host and make life for busy people a little easier.